Top Three Must-Have Educational Toys From Fisher-Price

Top 3 Best Educational Toys From Fisher-Price

Top 3 Best Educational Toys From Fisher-Price

Most parents know how challenging it is to educate kids from an early age and in addition to find the best educational toys. There are countless best educational toys on the Internet nowadays.

But not all of these toys fulfill their task. There’s just a handful of brands that are popular with both children and parents.

One of these brands is Fisher-Price, which has been making best educational toys since 1930. The reason we particularly like these three is that they make children happy for months, while at the same time teaching them some very important skills.

The Fisher-Price TRIO Building Set With Storage

Best Educational Toys

These building blocks are just perfect for kids of three to five years old. It is easy to assemble them into anything from a dinosaur to a house to a helicopter.

The set also includes a car. The storage case can be used as a building foundation, and the pieces connect well.

This set will occupy your kids for hours. The accompanying booklet will give them ideas, but they can also build something of their own design.

The set has 100 pieces of four colors, which is enough for one kid, but if you have more children, we suggest that you order more.

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Here are some of the skills the TRIO Building Set With Storage will teach your kids:

  • Spatial thinking: Assembling bricks, sticks and panels into meaningful structures requires powerful imagination and depth perception.
  • Improved literacy: At times, children will have to follow instructions from the booklet, which is a good introduction to the printed word and image.
  • Motor skills: Science says using small muscles is especially relevant for development of intelligence, and playing with small building blocks is one way to do it.


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Fisher-Price Big Action Construction Site With Remote Control

Best Educational Toys

This easy-to-build construction site is another hit by Fisher-Price. It comes with an RC truck, which can be used in many ways – for example, for loading and unloading boulders.

A garage space, a gas pump, a movable crane and a brilliantly designed elevator are what makes this set so much fun to play with.

When the truck arrives, the elevator brings it to the upper level. The hopper that loads boulders into the truck is also automatic. The construction site is great for introducing kids to RC best educational toys, and they can enjoy the game from the age of three.

The skills the Big Action Construction Site With Remote Control will teach your kids include but are not limited to:

  • Engineering thinking: Playing with this toy makes kids ask questions like: “How does this work?” The answers are always exciting.
  • Social skills: Playing with this toy also makes them want to communicate with others – in order to have their answers, and in order to have more fun.
  • Eye-hand coordination: Using a remote control to drive a toy truck is a perfect way to synchronize eye and hand movements.


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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Table and Love to Play Puppy

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This set is meant for babies.The table can be laid on the floor, and, as the baby grows up, legs can be
attached to it so that he/she can stand up and move around it.

The toy has four play modes meant to introduce children to letters, numbers, shapes, first words and even Spanish, and comes with dozens of sounds and songs.

But babies usually play with it by pushing as many buttons as possible as fast as they can, having a lot of fun.

Best Educational Toys

The puppy will help you teach your kid body parts, colors and also the alphabet, and comes with a great playlist of songs and sounds.

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Table and Love to Play Puppy Accessory is about the following skills:

  • Self-study: Learning to learn is probably the most important skill, and here is where the table comes in handy, as children learn words or tunes without adults’ involvement.
  • Multitasking: By switching between different play modes and functions, babies gain the skill of learning and doing many things at the same time.
  • Focus: Children love this toy, and can spend hours playing with it. By doing so, they learn to focus on one activity area for a long a time. The puppy is a handy bonus.



Therefore all of these best educational toys are perfect for educating and entertaining children of different ages. Whole new worlds open to them, in which a dinosaur can turn into a helicopter, and a puppy can sing songs the whole evening.

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No wonder millions of children and parents have been choosing Fisher-Price products for over 80 years. And now you can join their ranks. Order your Fisher-Price toy set today and start playing!

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